Robo Taco

Simple straight forward and awesome!!!

That is all you need to say about this place. It is a little hole in the wall place on SE 6th and Morrison. The best and the most raved about taco is the Al Pastor. It is pork shoulder, Mexican City style, thinly sliced and marinated with dried chilies and spices. Roasted and topped with arbol and chile sauce. Need I say more? All the tortilla’s are home made and topped with chopped onion and cilantro. At only $2.25 a toco it is well worth the price. I highly recommend this place.

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Luc Lac

So venturing out with my friend Karen we tried a nice little hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant called the Luc Lac. It is located on 835 SE 2nd in the heart of downtown Portland. First off let me say WOW! Awesome place love it and I am bringing all my friends here. Look past the decor and focus on the hospitality and the food. Before coming here I was looking at this place like another Vietnamese restaurant with typical menu and good. I was mistaken. We started off with the Shrimp Spring Rolls. Wow very good portions and the best Peanut Sauce that I have tasted. Then we went to the Grilled Chicken Vermicelli  

bowl. They packed so much awesomeness into one bowl I don’t know how they did it. For the price the potion size was out of this world but that was not the best part. The flavor was amazing. I definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting a great Vietnamese experience.

Luc Lac offers a vast menu with great choices. Check them out at

You won’t be disappointed.

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Yen Ha Vietnamese Restaurant

Last night I decided to be a little daring and try something new. We wandered up NE Sandy Blvd. and around 68th  came across a Vietnamese Restaurant scanned over the menu and it looked delicious. Walking in we were greeted by the owner of the restaurant who was so friendly. Looking over the menu I was amazed at all the variety they had ranging from Shrimp, Calamari, Lamb, Frog legs, Beef, Chicken and Clams. The appetizers were also also scrumptious.

We started off with Goi Cuon which is BBQ Pork, lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, vermicelli noodles rolled in rice paper served with a peanut sauce for dipping. Awesome!! Of coarse anything with peanut sauce is the best.

The first dish we got was Ech Xao Lan or stir fried frog legs with curry, onions, rice thread vermicelli, topped with peanuts. This was my second time having frog legs and they were the best I ever had. The second dish we had was Bun Tom Thit Nuong, rice stick noodles, roasted pork, roasted shrimp, served with vegetables. This dish was amazing served with fish sauce it couldn’t have been any better. Both dishes were hot with very little fat. The owner of the place came by several times to chat with us and tell us about his family history and how all of his family are Doctors. “This is why you see very little fat, I cook healthy,” he said very prideful. It showed in the food, very tasteful, very good, and we will definitely be back again soon.

Full menu online and they are located at 6820 NE SANDY BLVD., PORTLAND, OR 97213

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The Hophouse

As far as brew places go this is my one of my all time favorites. The Hophouse is nestled back off of Hawthorne off 41st. They have a wide variety of over 20 brews and they change from time to time. Walking Man Right of way IPA is my favorite and anything brewed by Terminal Gravity.

The next thing that is amazing is the food. The White Cheddar Mushroom Burger topped with sautéed Portobello mushrooms and white cheddar cheese is one of the best that I have tasted in a long time. They also have a grilled mac and cheese sandwich, you can’t go wrong with those two favorites mashed together.

The Hophouse also has a very wide range of musical entertainment from Saturday through Tuesday. I have checked out some of the bands and really liked them.

If you want a great atmosphere, great beer great food and top it off with awesome music this is the place to go.

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Hello world!

This is my tribute and guide to all the great Portland eateries and Brew houses I have visited.

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The Montage

This is my first post of 2012 and on the first of day of the new year I ended up at the Montage restaurant for a late brunch you might say. I have heard people rave about this place and since there was no line I decided to check it out.

The Montage is an unique restaurant right under the Morrison Bridge located in the heart of the Central Eastside Industrial district. The building was once known as the Royal Hotel but now it is home to Le Bistro Montage, one of Portland, OR signature restaurants. While dining on the linen covered tables there are a variety of meals to choose from like rock shrimp pesto linguini to alligator jambalaya. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, everyone that worked there was awesome, down to our server, although I cant remember her name but she was one of the best and so bubbly with personality. I was there early on New Years Day and they were serving a brunch. One item that caught my eye was Green Eggs and Spam. Yes I said it “Spam” that unforgettable word (Stuff Posing As Meat). What also freaked me out was the price, not that it was expensive but it was $6.66. Ya I know but I through my superstitions and my fear of that number to the side and decided to be daring, because if I was to write a food blog then I have to be fearless and try new things. Oh and I swore that I would never never never eat spam, well just a caution to everyone never say never.

The Green Eggs and Spam was an Omelet with spam, pesto, parmesan and tomatoes. It was served with cubed potatoes and choice of toast or homemade biscuit. I chose the biscuit. The whole meal was a-mauz-ing (that means really good!). The portions were more than generous and the biscuit was so light and fluffy. My recommendation is forget the toast when you go there for breakfast or brunch or anytime actually because they serve it all day, get the biscuit!! Really good meal for your money I highly recommend it.

I am going back to tackle some other items on their menu that peaked my curiosity. The Montage is known for their Mac and Cheese and that is one, but they also have Craw Fish Hushpuppies, Frog Legs, and Alligator bites. I’m not a southerner but a southerner at heart so when they start talking about Hushpuppies I am all over that.

Overall this is a great place, great atmosphere, awesome staff, whether it be brunch, lunchor dinner I highly recommend this place.

Green Eggs and Spam


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